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My newest book will be published Oct. 29, but you can pre-order now. Here are two early reviews:

“Byrn (The Cake Mix Doctor) salutes the cast-iron skillet in this eye-opening and tasty collection . . . Where Byrn really shines is in her chapters on desserts and breads, biscuits, and buns, where she showcases appealing items not traditionally made in a skillet: pound cake, a cranberry and almond tart, Irish soda bread with drunk raisins, and skillet Yorkshire pudding. For those looking to learn about cast-iron skillet cooking, Byrn is an astute teacher, and this collection showcases new and appealing ways to create delicious meals using a kitchen mainstay." ― Publishers Weekly

“By resurrecting a centuries-old implement, Byrn, author of several cookbooks including American Cookie (2018) and the Cake Mix Doctor series, reminds cooks of the almost infinite versatility of the cast-iron skillet. She avoids the ‘one and done’ syndrome, which concentrates on easy recipes that will accommodate the tool, and instead details the skillet’s 10 best uses, from hot searing to cooking with residual heat, and applies them to world cuisines, different culinary techniques, and a mix of familiar and foreign dishes… No gimmicks here, just great recipes.” - Booklist


“No matter how much you know about America’s favorite little sweets, you’ll learn so much more. . . And best of all, every small bite begs to be baked.”
— Dorie Greenspan, James Beard Award-winning author

“Anne Byrn has not only given us a hundred reasons to bake for ourselves and others, but she has also curated a collection of histories as rich and delicious as the treats themselves.”
— Kelly Fields, James Beard Award nominee and chef-owner of Willa Jean


“Anne Byrn's impressive, big-hearted, historical tribute to the genre is a must-have. . . unexpected, delightful and worth getting to know, one sweet slice of history at a time.”
— T. Susan Chang, NPR Kitchen Window

“These well researched and written pages go far beyond the average baking guide.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“Fascinating, delightfully original. . . Anne Byrn’s can’t-stop-reading history lesson that’s masquerading as a cookbook.”
—Rick Nelson, Star Tribune

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